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Lisa Ferrari-Sullivan founded Pimbeche Vintage out of her love for all things preloved which started at an early age. Born and raised in Connecticut, she grew up going to estate sales with her mother. While at these sales, Lisa’s mother, Alba, always said to respect the home and its contents as they were once valued and loved by the homeowners and their families. That sentiment stuck with her. Lisa’s father, Frank, a WWll veteran and someone who lived through the Great Depression, taught Lisa the importance of repurposing and upcycling, even before it was a “thing.”

As a person who deeply believes in living sustainably, Lisa also admires the fact that vintage pieces have had a prior life and story of their own. If only that 1970s disco dress could talk!!

After college, Lisa moved to NYC and started her career in the fashion industry. She worked in wholesale for luxury brands, including Thierry Mugler, Chloé, Sonia Rykiel, Miguel Adrover and Leonard Paris as well as freelancing for other luxury European brands.

After marriage and children, Lisa was a stay at home mom, taking care of her daughters, Ava and Frankie. Lisa sold vintage as a side hustle, eventually turning it into a full time business. Selling at the Brooklyn Flea and then the Chelsea Flea, Lisa opened her first brick and mortar in Astoria, NY in April 2022. After 2 years in business, Lisa opened her second shop in the East Village. Both of her daughters play an active role at Pimbeche Vintage, in sales, modeling and as inspirations. 

Lisa resides in Queens with her husband, daughters, 2 dogs and 2 guinea pigs.

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